Our most popular panel for residential and light commercial applications.

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Our most popular panel, found on anything from residential roofing to commercial or industrial metal buildings.



Found on residential applications as well as commercial and industrial buildings.



Standing Seam

Exclusive and sleek, this premium panel adds a modern and everlasting appeal to any home or business.

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7/8" Corrugated

Timeless and original, corrugated metal panels are found on anything from chicken coops to commercial buildings, adding a "retro" look to any structure.



Great for fences and soffit paneling, U-Panel is a great all-around choice.


7.2 Panel

Tough as they come, 7.2 Panel is commonly used as siding on commercial and industrial applications.


Standing Seam - External Clip System

With virtually no fasteners penetrating the panel on an external clip standing seam system, these systems are designed to last indefinitely.


5V Crimp

Also known as "Tennessee-V" this panel is common in interior decorating and instances where a simulated standing seam system is of desire. Prone to oil canning. 


Pro-PaneL II

A very popular panel produced by "Metal Sales Manufacturing Corp." a trapezoidal major rib is achieved on a 9" on center panel.


Metal Soffit

With many different orientations and designs to choose from, Metal Soffit panels are conceiled fastened and instantly provide a modern and clean look to any application.


Standing Seam - Mechanically Seamed system

These standing seam systems work on low-slope roof applications, able to be installed with a minimum 1/2:12 pitch.

Simulated Tile

Simulated tile metal roof panels provide the look of Spanish tile at a more affordable, longer lasting, and simpler manner.


DECRA Metal Tile

Produced by DECRA Metal Roofing, DECRA panels are a premium answer to alternative shingle and tile roof applications.


Delta Rib

Another product by Metal Sales, Delta Rib isn't the most popular panel but is found on residential applications.


PBD Panel

Used in some wall applications, PBD is a handy panel with multiple uses.