Metal Building "Steps to Success"

The intended use for your future building is a very important aspect in both the design and the build of any metal building. Ask yourself the following questions when contemplating a building purchase.

  • Is your building just a simple unit for storage? (Risk Category I)

  • Is your building a garage or other simple structure that doesn't fall into any other risk category? (Risk Category II)

  • Will your building host children or over 300 people? (Risk Category III)

  • Is your building designated as an essential facility? This includes hospitals, daycares, emergency structures, emergency response buildings etc. (Risk Category IV)



- Step Two -

Use our online metal building designer to put together the perfect building - FREE 



- Step Three -

Allow up to 24 hours for a Metal Center representative to get in touch and go over your building. After this estimate we will fine tune your package. 



- Step Four -

Allow two to three days for fully engineered frame and concrete plans to come in. Use this time to personally verify your building is perfect. 

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- Step Five -

Use the plans and instruction we provide you to assemble your building. We are here for you every step of the way, especially the barbeque at the end :)