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Customize your own carport.

Carport 20 X 20.png

Square Tubing

The posts for the carport. 

Typically 4" square tubing is used for spans over 10'.


Make drilling easy. with 1-1/4" self-drilling screws.

Receiver Channel

On either side receivers are used to contain the perpendicular cee purlin.

Eave Trim

Optional drip edge for the low side of you carport.

Cee Purlin

The main supports for the panels on the carport. Spaced 4' apart for optimal strength.

Rake Trim

Optional gable trim for wither side of your carport.

Metal Panels

Typically R-Panel, fasten your panels with an overhang on either side to the cee purlin.

Peak Trim

Optional peak trim to clean up the high side of your carport.

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