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Red Iron Fence Systems

Have you been considering a privacy fence? Some of the most durable and beautiful privacy fence options are provided by red iron and Metal Center's R-Panel or Desert-Rib panels. These fences are easy to install and maintain and will make your home stand out from the rest!

Generally, sheet metal fencing comes in 6’ lengths, but that is totally up to your needs and wants! Each panel is 3’ wide, allowing you to completely customize your size and space. Unlike other types of fencing, sheet metal fencing offers no gaps, making it easy to completely shield your home from view.

Other benefits of R-Panel fencing:

  • Durable: The number one benefit to sheet metal fencing—even beyond its total privacy—is how durable it is. Since metal fencing is made from sheets of corrugated metal, it’s not subject to rot, insects, mold or mildew like traditional fencing materials. In fact, you should get at least 25 to 30 years out of your fence.

  • Sustainable: Your sheet metal fence is  made from recycled metal, and when you’re done with it, chances are, it will be recycled, too. This is a great choice for anyone looking to make their home or business a little more green.

  • Low maintenance: Since metal fencing isn’t subject to the same sort of wear and tear that wooden fencing is, you’ll spend significantly less time on maintenance. You won’t need to paint, sand or waterproof your fence—and it’s always nice to take one more thing off the yearly to-do list.

  • Pushes water away from property: When you have a metal fence, its corrugated sheets actually push water away from your property line. It won’t collect at the installation site, making it a great choice for properties with plumbing issues or that suffer from a lot of inclement weather or runoff.

  • Easy to install: Metal fencing is easy enough that you could install it yourself (although you’d be risking a lower quality job and selection than you’d be able to get from a professional fencing contractor). The panels are lightweight and snap together.

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