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Metal Building Solutions

  • Designed and engineered to your project specifications
  • Easy-to-assemble, bolt-together steel frame

  • Panels & Trim made in house for immediate availability

  • Custom trim designs

  • Concrete Anchor Plans

  • Wide insulation options.

  • Variety of accessories & components

Buildings for Aviation & Hangars

Whether or not your hobby requires you to be thousands of feet in the sky, Metal Center's metal buildings enable hobbyists from all fields to store and maintain their belongings in lasting and appealing structures that will take your interest to the next level.

Hangar Gallery

Color Options


Burnished Slate

Crimson Red

Copper Metallic

Colony Green

Rustic Red

Gallery Blue


Hawaiian Blue

Ash Gray


Cocoa Brown

Saddle Tan


Light Stone

Matte Black

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