The bold and classic design of the Desert-Rib profile makes it the residential, commercial, and agricultural profile of choice.  This is our most widely used profile due to its strength, durability, price point and ease of installation. It is highly recommended for most projects and can be used  for roofing or siding, interior or exterior applications


With exceptional coverage and strength, the R-Panel profile is the perfect choice for commercial or industrial roofing and siding projects. The rigidity of this profile also makes it well suited to meet agricultural or fencing needs


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"Southwest" Collection

Standing Seam

Modern and sophisticated, the elegant lines of these profiles make it a perfect fit for your home or business.  The hidden fastener system will transform any roof line into a show piece and is available with an optional minor rib.  While the Mechanical Seam and Snap Lock profiles look alike, they are installed differently.  Our sales representatives can help guide you as to the best fit for your project.

Standing Seam Profiles
1" "Snap-Lock" - Residential and commercial
Relative ease of installation allows for a standing seam roof at an affordable price-point
verticalseamstriated3d (1).png
1-1/2" Mechanical Standing seam - commercial
External clip system - no drilling through the panel
used in heavy commercial projects

Classic Series

Bring the look of your project back in time with any of these timeless panel profiles. Brought in through special order.

78corrroof3d (1).png

7/8" Corrugated

Timeless and original



Great for fences and soffit paneling


7.2 Panel

Tough as they come, 7.2 Panel is commonly used as siding