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1. Synthetic Underlayment

HydraShell Max Synthetic Underlayment

Manufactured from 100% synthetic materials, HydraShell MAX has a four-layer construction making it 25 times stronger than #15 felt and 12 times stronger than #30 felt. HydraShell MAX has a Class A fire rating and a 90-day UV exposure rating. It won’t wrinkle or absorb water and it stays flexible in cold weather.

Made in USA

2. Ice & Water Shield

Titaniuim PSU 30 Ice and Water Shield

Titanium® PSU30 is the only modified rubberized asphalt Peel & Stick underlayment with a patented slip resistant Sure-Foot® nodular walking surface technology that allows for easier steep slope walkability, even in wet or dusty conditions. And it can be applied under most types of roofing shingles, including metal, tile, shake, slate, and both asphalt and synthetic shingles.

Made in USA

3. Pipe Flashings (Penetration Boots)

Penetration Boot | Pipe Flashing

Easy, on-site customization for superior fit

Sleeve flexibility absorbs vibration and pipe movement caused by expansion/contraction

Maximum resistance to ozone weathering

20-year standard warranty, available 35-year warranty available on Black EPDM

The first ICC-listed flashing for the metal building industry with a 35-year warranty (available on black EPDM only)

Ozone Resistance: 70 hrs @ 500pphm (EPDM and red silicone)

Made in USA

4. Sealant Tape (Mastix Tape)

Sealant Tape

This versatile, trimmable, end-lap sealing tape joins metal to metal, and seals around windows, doors, roof vents, stacks, access doors and other penetration points. Non-staining and permanently flexible, Mastix stays in place with no melting or oozing, even in extreme heat. Available in 45' rolls for only $2.99.

Made in USA
Sealant Tape Lap

5. Foam Closures (Bird-Stop)

Foam Closures | Birdstop

Closure-Foam™ is economically priced without sacrificing quality. Our crosslink polyethylene foam has a unique coating that gives it better UV resistance and better durability than the industry standard. Independent testing confirms Marco's 1.5 density foam provides better UV stability than competitive products with a 2.0 density.

Designed to stay put, Marco's M63 industrial adhesive eliminates installation blow-away problems. The generous 1/4” adhesive bead can be applied to either the flat or the ribbed side of Closure-Foam, and it even adheres in subfreezing temperatures and on wet surfaces.

Made in USA

6. "Flex-O-Vent" Vented Closure

Vented Closure | Flex-O-Vent

Flex-O-Vent is our most economical polyester-based ventilation product. Available in 10’ and 20’ rolls and multiple packaging options, Flex-O-Vent won’t absorb moisture, which can freeze and block all ventilation. It features M63 Marco proprietary adhesive for superior hold, easy one-person installation and a 40-year limited warranty.

Made in USA

7. Titebond Metal Roof Sealant

TiteBond Metal Roof Sealant | Caulking

Titebond WeatherMaster Metal Roof Sealant is a premium-grade, superior polymer formula that offers unbeatable adhesion to all metals including Kynar™ coated metals, aluminum, galvanized steel, copper and most common building materials. It can be extruded in extreme temperatures, remains permanently flexible and will not shrink, adheres well to wet and damp surfaces and is dust and dirt resistant.

Made in USA

8. Touch-Up Spray Paint & Pens

Spray Paint

Custom Aerosol Products has been a premier packager of custom-matched touch-up paint for more than 30 years. Our primary customers are manufacturers of products that are coated with non air-dry coatings.

Made in USA
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